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    Happy Easter, Marie!

    Happy Easter, Marie!
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    Script Discussion S05E10

    I’m happy that you discuss Olorin being messenger to Fingolfin, we toyed with the idea earlier and I’ve liked it since. But deciding what Olorin should say is tricky business. Something containing (I’m just brainstorming) - Don’t lose hope - Be the leader of Men - Pride is the weakness of the...
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    Session 5-27: Elves vs Men

    What was said in the session?
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    Queen Azrâindil (renamed thread, earlier "Haradrim Matriarch")

    I think that it's important to have both possibilities in mind when it comes to casting famous or less famous actors for small roles (or any role for that matter). A famous actor brings a whole package of associations, which could be great in some cases. The typical example of a movie trying to...
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    Check link to list: Cast so far
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    Well this kind of rule is regrettably hard to achieve with the kind of casting process we’ve had here. Every role has been cast by free nominations and voting, and subjective perspectives on looks tend to tip the results in some unexpected direction. On top of that, those characters that you...
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    As an older Andreth: Maribel Verdu
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    Alfred Molina: IMDB
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    Queen Azrâindil (renamed thread, earlier "Haradrim Matriarch")

    Octavia Spencer. IMDB
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    Oscar Isaac. Born in -79.
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    First Mouth of Sauron

    Yeah so do I.
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    Cast List for Season 5

    I understand! But a couple of them are just postponed, I believe. At least I think Galdor should probably be cast next season. And there's no reason to rule out casting Penlod at some point.
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    Cast List for Season 5

    As you can see, at least not this season. What is your concern?
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    Yeah Adanel could look a bit less like a typical representative of the House of Bëor.