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    Southern Star pipe-weed and tobacco-growing in England

    We had tobacco-plantations in Norway up to 1920. In 1730 king Christian VI of Denmark-Norway encouraged farmers to grow tobacco, and banned imports. So tobacco can be grown in colder climes than Oxford. There seems to have been mixed feelings about smoking in Norway. A 1741 law in Norway banned...
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    Bombadil costumes

    Not sure what Tom wears in the First Age, but minimum one article of clothing must at least semi-rhyme with "Bombadillo".
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    Beren's equipment

    The Strategikon advises to attack the Slavs in winter, because the defoliated trees made ambushes harder. So it's not that lightly forested, or might not have been so at the time. I found no description of the javelins besides short. The number of javelins are not that unusual. The later...
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    Beren's equipment

    From "The Strategikon", attributed to the Emperor Maurice (reign 582-602): "Dealing with the Slavs, the Antes, and the Like. The nations of the Slavs and the Antes live in the same way and have the same customs... They live among nearly impenetrable forests, rivers, lakes, and marshes, and have...
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    Beren's equipment

    I only find it hard to imagine the woodwose stumbling in on Lùthien's dancing wearing mail. And harder to have Thingol bestowing one upon Beren.
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    Beren's equipment

    But no mail until after Beren visit Nargothrond.
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    Birthwort's (Aristolochia clematitis) Norwegian name, "pipeurt", literally translate to "pipeweed".

    Birthwort's (Aristolochia clematitis) Norwegian name, "pipeurt", literally translate to "pipeweed".
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    The One Ring, Sin, and Tolkien's Catholic Imaginative Influence

    Putting on the ring to avoid the Sackville-Bagginses is merely choosing the lesser of two evils.
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    Broad-bladed axe and long white knife – #219

    I like to think of Legolas' knife as some sort of broken-back seax: Not necessarily with especially long blades.
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    Session 6-06: Nargothrond and Doriath

    The old Norse used this type of loom for weaving. They could also be used as an aide for casting spells.
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    "Boromir had a long sword, in fashion like Andúril but of less lineage", so of the same...

    "Boromir had a long sword, in fashion like Andúril but of less lineage", so of the same Oakeshott-typology? Maybe type XI.
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    A real world equivalent for "Ranger"

    This makes me think of how "cop" might be used in present day US. They are law-enforcement, some use it as something neutral, some use it as something positive, and some use it as something negative.
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    Does Sauron accomplish what Morgoth could not; break the unat and penetrate the barrier of unwill?

    I interpreted the unwill to stop others to look into your mind, and to communicate. As I see it, even if I might well be wrong, Sauron might discover what the other rings have wrought, and the location of their wearers, but not look into the ring-wearers minds. Maybe "listening in" on their...
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    Session 6-04: Villains

    Tea can be made from pine-needles, and pine-sprouts can be eaten. Both contains vitamin C, and should be available in Dorthonion.
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    Flittermouse, neb and lob are three words I've learned Tolkien.

    Flittermouse, neb and lob are three words I've learned Tolkien.