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    Bill and Sam's Excellent Adventure

    One of the greatest strengths of The Lord of the Rings, I have always thought, is in the way that it can represent the epic heroism found in the most ordinary and down-to-earth characters. The sort of legendary heroism in the characters of Aragorn, Theoden, and the like is also seen in the...
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    I was kicking this around at the end of class, but I couldn't quite find the right way to phrase it, so I had to leave it off. In regard to "eye-opener," I wonder if there isn't a little authorial pun on an Edenic "eye-opener," a la "their eyes were opened." For a couple of people in the...
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    The List of Heroes

    Still catching up here; episode 190 now. I am fascinated by the discussion of the list of heroes Elrond names when numbering Frodo among them, which Prof. Olsen points out specifically with reference to Turin. One thing that struck me about Turin was that perhaps Elrond is hinting at a darker...
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    Group Terms for Dragons

    I have been catching up on the podcast for about 2 years now, but I am finally almost through the backlog of episodes. I have never posted before, so I don't know if this is the right place, but I hope it is. However, I was chuckling over the discussion on group terms for dragons and thought I...