1. Cryios099

    The Great Cavern war part three magic - MacDuff

    Gaius was next up and took his turn to try and impress the teacher. He picked up the sword and slashed at the dummy in front of him. After a couple of slashes the thing went down. “Very impressieve that you didn’t run away.” The teacher responded coldly. “You are now a proud member of the...
  2. Cryios099

    The Great Cavern war part 1 - Macduff

    "There are no wizards, dragons, centaurs, demons,devils,ruff riders, frensis, giant spiders, hydras, drakes, phenoix's, druids, elf's, gargoyles, griffons, stone giants, titans, skeletons, wraiths, vampires, litches, witches, warlocks, cyclops, goblins, minotars or half-lings around here. So...