A 12 Step Guide On How To Do The Ainulindalë The Right Way


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Step 1: Wait for Christopher Tolkien to pass.

Step 2: Make sure the next Tolkien with full rights to The Silmarillion watches Star Wars Ep. VII.

Step 3: After watching how amazingly well Ep. VII turned out under management of Disney, the rights holder immediately calls Bob Iger, the head of Disney, to start negotiations. Before the rights holder leaves the theater, a face to face meeting is set up.

Step 4: Make sure WB knows this is going on to give counter bids.

Step 5: Sell full rights to Disney even if they don't have the highest bid.

Step 6:
Part A: Disney immediately cancels all future scheduled tour shows of The Lion King Musical and forces the staff to begin work on 'the divine song' over the next 5 years while the rest of the series planning is taking place. Disney brings on Hans Zimmer, the original composer for The Lion King; Howard Shore, the original composer for The Lord of the Rings and Christopher Tin, the composer for Baba Yetu in Civilization IV >

Part B: Disney picks one of the most hated famous musical artists at the time (likely still Justin Bieber) to sing the part of Morgoth. The tune by Biebs is then reworked by the composers and the vocal artist of Eru Ilúvatar to be the most beautiful thing ever heard by mankind.

Step 7: While work continues on the song of creation, begin casting for all involved in the song of creation episode. They do not need to be singers since they will be able to lip sync.
Obvious choices include:
- Morgan Freeman as the dialogue voice or actual visual depiction of Eru Ilúvatar
- Kevin Spacey, Hugo Weaving or Gary Oldman as Morgoth - (mostly due to the different voices they can do)
- Martin Landau or Ian Mckellen as Manwë
- Arnold Schwarzenegger, Eric Allan Kramer or Dwayne Johnson as Aulë
- Chris Hemsworth as Tulkas
- Lee Pace or Liam Neeson as Oromë
- Ian McDiarmid as Mandos
- Philippa Boyens as Vairë

Step 8: Once the full 43 minute (due to commercial breaks) Ainulindalë song is finished it is then used as the first episode.

Step 9: Disney buys WETA to ensure they work full-time on all visual effects of the TV series including all effects needed in the creation song.

Step 10: Part of the song is used as the commercial break Intro and Outro, for each episode. As the series progresses, the section of the song gradually progresses each episode to reflect the entire song being carried out throughout the entire series.
ie: The first episode has the first 10ish seconds used during the commercial break and each episode it advances until eventually by the end of the last season, it is the last 10ish seconds of the song used during commercial, then ending the episode with the final part of the song.

Step 11: Develop the Ainulindalë Musical traveling show.

Step 12: Send the Lion King team back out on tour, doing a double feature of The Lion King and the Ainulindalë. Of course by this time Mythmoot would have grown big enough that they would have a special performance at Mythmoot X and every Mythmoot thereafter.
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