A potential music idea for Earendil


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Hi! So, I tend to be super inactive on the forum threads, and I know this won’t really be relevant for (checks calendar) probably ten years, so I hope this is okay, but I had a rough idea for a potential Earendil theme: https://soundcloud.com/user-976408739%2Fearendil
I was trying to go for something that had a simple melody, but which could be layered on top of itself and then eventually give way to the kind of stillness I picture in that moment when Earendil is standing on the beach of Valinor, before anything else happens.

I also took a stab at a general “debate” theme ( https://soundcloud.com/user-976408739%2Fdebate ), which I tried to write as two instruments having an argument with each other, but I wasn’t sure if it would be useful or even if you already had one. I’m super behind and still have to catch up on all the episodes and threads.

Phillip Menzies

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Hi Meaghan,
I like what you have done with both of these tracks. Admittedly we won't need Earendil for a few more years but there is nothing wrong with looking ahead. In my final track for S3 I have hinted at a theme for Wingelot. I like the feeling of solitude for a while with just the 2 instruments representing Earendil and Elwing on the beach.
The debate is good with the different instrument voices going back and forth with an urgency that demands a resolution.

I like to collaborate and there is definitely room for musical input from more people. Probably the best way for us to communicate is via IM on the forum and we can discuss specifics. It will be good if we know what the other is working on so we can not overlap and collarorate when we want. I find the forum threads good for getting general input.


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Okay! Cool beans. And thank you for the feedback! I’ll have to find the Wingelot theme and catch up on everything you’ve already done—I’m sort of still stuck back in season two.