An original song for Gates of Summer


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Happy Gates of Summer to all the Gondolindrim here! Here's an original song written by my fellow fans and I in tribute to the fair Ondolindë and its heroic people. Enjoy!

Heed the Call-Tarnin Austa 2021

Organizer: LyraChloe
Lyrics: Alessar/LyraChloe (English) and Nierninwa/Emerwen (transl. Quenya)
Music: LyraChloe (English) and Emerwen (Quenya)
Backing tracks: Emerwen
Singers: LyraChloe, 舜华, Emerwen
Audio editing: Emerwen and LyraChloe
Video: LyraChloe
Calligraphy: 青钰
Background art: 脑浆与卤汁面条

Also, here's our song from last year: Lament for Aredhel
Cr. same as above except for background art: yidanyuan; singer:+Alessar and backing tracks: +LyraChloe

All of us are amateurs who have never even met offline. We are trying our best under the restrictions of busy schedules, separation and inadequate equipment (should sound familiar to all composers/songwriters in the Tolkien fandom). Any suggestions and tips on how to improve our songs (especially in terms of composition and audio editing) are very, very welcome.

Thanks for listening!

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