Around chapter 15 or so - macudff


Gaius fell in love with this story as it tells the tale of the most fearsome Brave Sir Bobbin

“Brave sir Bobbin was born in Cheevas lot.

He was looking for a monster to have fought

Brave sir Bobbin battled bravely in his younger days

He was not at all afraid to be killed in a nasty ways

He did not do this for a single pay

To have his knee cap split and his body burned away.

To have his eye poked out and his elbows broken.

To have his nostrils raped and his bowels taken out

his liver removed and foot taken by gout

O yes indeed Brave brave brave Sir Bobbin.

The Giant chicken of Cheeva was plotting all about.

Bobbin picked up his sword and began to shout.

The Bird began to flutter

Bobbin was all in a stutter

O Brave Brave Brave sir Bobbin

Then Brave Sir Bobbin ran away

He bravely ran away away

When Danger reared its ugly head

He Bravely turned his tail and fled

Yes Brave Sir Bobin turned about

Gallanty he chickened out.

Bravely taking to his feet

He beat a very brave retreat

Some notes indicate that Brave sir Bobbin greatly expanded the City of Cheeva by single handily defeating the Knights who say Nee. He did this by reminding them THAT A 5 OUNCE BIRD CANNOT CARRY A ONE POUND COCONUT! They were amazed at his scientific brilliance and they retreated to a castle where everybody spoke with a French accent.