Attention In-Game Attendees - Instructions for Class 1

Trish Lambert

Staff member
Hi everyone!

We won't have the dedicated Lore Hall until Standing Stone gives us another system update, so we need to improvise until that happens.

Class will be held in the same location where the Lore Hall will be. It will take place in the courtyard where the Cat Lady's house is located.

NOTE: This will require getting everyone into the same dynamic layer. Here's how:
  1. If you arrive at the courtyard and we are not there, send Maevenn (that's me) a tell in game, requesting invite to group.
  2. I or a designee will invite you to group.
  3. Once in the group, click on the dynamic layer icon (the little blue square showing layers) and click "yes" when the dialog box comes up. You'll get a loading screen and should be with us once it's finished.
  4. Leave the group by right clicking your portrait and selecting either "fellowship" or "raid" (whichever the group type is) and select "leave."
See you in class!