Books of Gene Wolfe?


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Hi Everyone,

Longtime listener and admirer of Mythgard podcasts. New to the discussion forum. Was wondering if there are among you readers of the books of Gene Wolfe. I'd be very interested in participating in a Mythgard-style discussion of his works.




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Just happened to see this message. I am the Official Keeper of the Gene Wolfe Flame around here, except insofar as there is nothing official about it, I don't keep anything or do much at all, there's no actual flame although I am thinking about getting one, and so forth. I have proposed Book of the New Sun a few times to be the next book for the Mythgard course, and each time the proposal gets a respectful reception and pat on the head, but goes no farther. Each year I try to be more over the top in its praises. Next year may involve a song and dance routine and I may need to learn to juggle.

Jim Deutch

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Official Keeper of the Gene Wolfe Flame
I "liked" your post, and I really do like your post, but I feel compelled to also relate the fact that, though I have fond memories of "The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories and Other Stories" (and not solely for the clever title), I am not at all a Gene Wolf fan. I slogged through part of the "Book of the New Sun" before just giving up. Sorry.


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Tor is releasing a new single-volume of The Wizard Knight in August. A potential resultant uptick in interest, combined with this audience's seeming preference for the medieval (not to mention Arthurian) and fae might make it a worthy nominee. (Though New Sun would be amazing.)