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Bregolas (396-455†) is the younger brother of Andreth. He has two sons, Baragund and Belegund and consequently he is Morwen and Rian’s grandfather. Probably dark-haired like the rest of the House of Bëor. KIA in the Dagor Bragollach.

The Hosts have suggested Bregolas as a hot-headed teenager near the end of the House of Bëor's stay in Nargothrond. He takes to the harder living in Dorthonion well and his role in the narrative is to act as a big-brother mentor of sorts to Barahir, making his death in the Dagor Bragollach more impactful.

Tom Sizemore has played his fair share of military guys and hardened criminals throughout his career, often as a major supporting character. One of his early roles however was a small-time thief trying to go straight and doesn't get the chance, maybe we could put a bit of that into Bregolas as a guy who is able to adjust.

Tom Sizemore
Age: 59
Height: 5'10"
Notable Roles: Milo Peck in Heart and Souls, Michael Cheritto in Heat, Sgt. Mike Horvath in Saving Private Ryan, Sgt. Earl Sistern in Pearl Harbor, Col. Danny McKnight in Black Hawk Down, Capt. Vince Fryer in Hawaii Five-0

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