Chapter 26 Dragonskin - macduff


The youngster was brought to Pinky who had carried him into the inner chamber where Virgil sat. He was sitting with his fingers interlaced placed right below his lower lip. Pinky was carrying the teen with one massive claw. Virgil sat motionless staring at the youth. This lad was barely old enough to shoot an arrow from a bow and now he was at the mercy of, at least in his own mind, the most powerful mage in the world.

Virgil sat in his chair getting a good look at the lad. It didn’t take long before beeowhelp was starting to cry and beg for his life. Virgil remained motionless and just kept looking at the whining creature before him. In the boys mind it must have felt like an eternity before Virgil finally got up at talked with him. Virgil was always a master of himself and talked in a calm voice it was right above a whisper.

“I was about your age when I entered the Academy. I was the most rigorous and intelligent student at the school. My parents were poor. I had to earn my own way into college I had to take humiliating jobs to try and earn my way. I had to borrow money at times which still irks me to this day. I have no intention on ever paying them back. Greedy bastards can burn in hell for all I care. While I was in school my graduate work was in spell casting. I had to come up with a new spell and teach it to students.”

Virgil put his wrist up to the boys face and turned in slowly to the left. Virgil closed his eyes and after a long while a small triangle was appearing just above his wrist and it was jet black. “I call this the black blade and it is infused with every single disease known to mankind. If the initial cut doesn’t kill you the after effects surely will. Now you listen to me you little whelp. I don’t give a crap about you but I need your father. Beowulf is only one of two people whom has ever successfully hunted a dragon and gotten one of its scales. I need a dragon skin potion and your mind is the key to helping me make it. I will ask you this one time before I slaughter you like a lamb. Where is your father?”

Snot was running down the nose of this boy as he tried to muster up the courage to speak. “My father Beowulf was hired by the mayor of this city to hunt down a Medusa that was giving the townspeople trouble by turning the menfolk into stone.” Virgil went back to sit down and pondered on to let the boy live or not. In the end he called for Girevula to take the teenager back to his cell. He might be useful in the future.
The black blade spell is shiveringly good! Oh, typo, "who has ever successfully hunted a dragon". Do you want little line edits like that or just story impressions?
I want them both especially from smart people like you. This is just the first draft. It won't get good until I have rewritten it for the 10th time. Thanks for the feedback Sparrow.