Chapter 27 Family - macduff-


Gaius was having the time of his life. One of the first time in his young life he felt wonderful. He was running up and down hills, running between trees, practicing with the bow and arrows that Tulkhas let him borrow, using his dagger to cut meat, picking berries, learning how to track down prey. Under the watchful eyes of Tulkas he was getting really good at living off the land and learning how to go unnoticed.

The air had a chill to it and if felt great on the skin of the young one. Tulkhas called the boy over to him and told him to look up at a bird. Pointing to the bird Tulkhas said “Look that is a Columbidae carrier. Those are magically enhanced birds that are used by priests for long distance communication. It must be going to that old priest that you and those two friends of yours met when you first arrived. It has to have had come from Contair city which is a couple of days journey from here. I been there many times to restock supplies while heading south or north. Where the action is. North is where you find Dragons and Drakes where as to the south you can find orcs and other nasty creatures. Do not worry we are not in danger. Dragons will stay to themselves and you can smell an orc pack way before you can see them.”

Indeed the bird had carried a message and it would change the life of our young hero. The old priest had indeed received the message from Contair city. The letter was as follows. I do not know your name priest but I know of you and you know me I am Virgil and I ask of your help. I am not a man of pity or a man of sorrow yet I have come across a young lad named Beeowhelp whose story has changed my dark heart. He needs to cure his father of the stone stare of the medusa. I only know of one person who can cast the spell needed to cure his father. Please send Dante, the king of the CDF, to castle Lionel so he can help. I do not ask this for my own welfare but for the welfare of this boy Beeowhelp. I do not even know your name but I felt you during my range ability meditations. Please help this young lad as soon as you are able. The message was sealed in an envelop addressed to the unknown priest on lake Tonika. The message had traveled from major city to major city before reaching this point. Castle Lionel was half a world away from Contair city.

The old man had a copy of the message made and left it on the rock inside the cave where Gaius first poked his head out. After a month of training on the surface Gaius and Tulkhas returned to the cave and found the letter they made sure the message had gotten to the new king of the CDF Tolkien whom in turn made another copy and gave it to Dante. Once Dante read the letter he gave a large exhale of breath and said “What have you gotten yourself into now…. My younger brother.”