Chapter 28 the council of Tolkien - Macduff-


The sound of the drums was loud. They boomed thru the capital city of the CDF. These drums meant one thing and one thing only an imperial council was to be held. A message was sent to The Den and Marion had arrived in the Capital and she went to the palace. The Mage school that former queen Trisha had founded was doing well. Marion and Ticius were star pupils of the former queen. Ticius had stayed behind as he was not quite up to the level of Marion. Marion was a black mage like her former master Virgil and she had brought his staff to the meeting.

Dante had to walk with a cane now. He would sit across from Marion and had his aide with him. The only other person besides King Tolkien in the room was the Major general of the army a mister Plinkett. He had a giant black and grey beard and a sword the size of a child at his side. He also had a nasty scar on the right side of his face. He got this mark in the undead war which he fought bravely in. Tolkien had called this meeting because he was unsure of what to do. There were two options in front of him and he wanted the opinion of the council before he chose what course of action to take.

The tone of his voice was serious and somber. The king spoke first “I have called you here because a wise king considers all his actions before he acts. On the one hand we could help priest Melkizadeeck create this dagger. Dante has informed me that after the ritual is complete we will have on our hands not just a normal dagger but something called an Ankh which can be used to kill demons and perhaps destroy demonic mirrors. These mirrors must be destroyed if they are behind the Empire and its rise to power we will not be safe on the surface with the Empire fighting against us. On the other we could help our old ally Virgil. If we help Virgil he will most likely aid us in our attempts to return to the surface world. I know his hatred for the Empire is absolute and is probably taking steps to destroy them as we speak. Dante you shall speak first what do you think?”

Dante rose with his hands trembling. He was so quite that a pin drop would make more noise if dropped from high above. His voice would give out and he would struggle for breath a couple of times mid-sentence. “I have known Virgil for longer then any of you and his words in this letter and not genuine. He has no love for this boy or his father but I do. Virgil is simply using them in his mad quest for more power and will exploit this tragedy as long as it is useful to him. I can recount my history with my younger brother if you wish. The boy and his father I wish to help but I do not have the strength to travel in my old age. My vote is to rather focus on helping Melkizdeeck for the moment. We need this Ankh especially if the old stories are true.” After saying this Dante collapsed in his chair and had an aide fetch him a potion. The king motioned to his hand for Marion to speak next.

Marion was exited to see her old master again and jolted up in her chair. Her voice was that of an excited young battle maiden ready for war. “You mean Virgil is still alive after the tower collapse back at the raven!?” She jumped out of her chair and laughed with glee and the news. “All right yes my master is alive his power is beyond any of us. The things I seen him do are without measure. I can barley raise a skeleton but Virgil managed to trap a lesser demon and use it as a body guard after that coward Tulkhas left his side. He also managed to kill a Vampire lord in single combat. As representative of the mage school I highly recommend that we help Virgil.” The king then continued his voice had grown stronger. “After Dante recovers and tells his history with Virgil. I will let Plinkett be the tie breaker because for the first time in my administration I do not know what to do.”