Chapter 29 The past of Dante


Dante recovered from his weakness and began to speak with new energy. “Virgil is my younger half-brother and my birth name is Vante Vurmonva. When you become head priest you have to change your name to symbolize your detachment to the physical world. My mother was a noble woman and my father a common man. He was a drunkard but not abusive towards me. My education was done by the abbot at a local monastery. My mother used her wealth and influence as a noble to pay for it. Eventually I was sent to the island of Calderas. I tried to stay in communication with my father. He told me that my mom died and he would remarry. I remember not coming to the funeral for some reason or other but I’m fuzzy on the details. The last message my father sent me told me that I had two younger brothers named Virgil Vurmonva and Vegeta Vurmonva from a different mother. I tried to send messages to my hometown to try and get information about either of these two but always received no reply.”

Dante whipped his brow with a handkerchief and continued his message. “Many years had passed and I became well acquainted and promoted many times within the Priest hood on Calderas. I was elected to become official messenger to the royal palace. The first council I was sent to was to inform the rest of the Empire that old king Udelif the first had died and his son Udelif the second was to succeeded him. I forget the details but I remember that I also tried in vain multiple times to search for my brothers but to no avail. The only reason I remembered the second council I was sent to is because it is relevant to our home. We had discovered a series of caves beneath the surface and we needed to decided what to do with it. I voted to turn it into a hospital or perhaps a city of cooperation between priests and mages to learn from one another. I was outvoted and it became a prison.”

Dante had his hands begin to shake and he closed his eyes. He forced himself to make his brain produce information about a terrible event in the past. “The third time I was summoned to the imperial city was quite unfortunate. I had just finished work on my stone skin cure when I got a message telling me to come to another council. The room was filled with important officials as well as king Udelif the second whom looked differently then I read about in various messages. I felt an evil aura around him. He felt colder and less passionate then his father. He introduced two people sitting across from me just like young Marion sits across from me now. One was named Shagmar Karatisian and the other was non-other than Virgil Vurmonva my long-lost younger brother!” I was shocked and emotions of love waved over me. I exclaimed out loud how I been looking for him and was overjoyed that he was alive and doing well. Virgil repaid my kindness with coldness he just gave me long cold stare and it made my heart skip a beat. The king immediately told me to shut up and remember my place and gave me quite a scolding.

He had an important announcement to make and we had to fall in line. I remember the king standing up and with a clear commanding voice said. “It is time for humanity to earn its rightful place in history. Today we begin the eradication of all of the fairy creatures. They have plagued our land for too long. We shall take over the lands held by those scrawny feline Frensis and then turn our attention to the flea bitten dogs the Ruff Riders. Let me be clear gentlemen this is not merely the annexing of a providence. This is the complete and utter destruction of any race that does not call itself human.” I was horrified the king just ordered a genocide. I looked to my brother and I was shocked that he had a smile on his face.
Cryios - one of the things I admire about this passage is the obvious distress of the speaker from his nonverbal acts. it feels very rich! Is Dante trained in public speaking? Or would you consider letting some of his stress show in his diction?