Dante art exhibit in DC (Mythmoot adjacent)

Bruce N H

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Hi all,

I just heard about this today: Going Through Hell: The Divine Dante - an exhibit at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC that will be there through July 16 (2023, in case you're reading this in the future). Its a collection of 20 works inspired by the Divine Comedy. I live about an hour from DC, so I'll try to check it out. Notably, this will still be showing during Mythmoot - I'm not able to be there, but some of you who went through our Inferno Mythgard Academy might want to check it out as a side trip before or after the moot.

For those who haven't been to DC, the National Gallery of Art is two buildings on the mall, one more focused on classical works and the other on more modern works. It's free, not technically part of the Smithsonian, but most assume it is as it is right across from the Air and Space Museum and just down from the Museum of Natural History.