Dead or Alive?


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This issue came up in the first podcast... Why limit ourselves? I assume that this will work as any film has to: we will create a characterization and then look for someone to fill it or go one better than our conception. So perhaps the ideal actor has not yet been discovered!! How many of the LotR-Hobbit actors were lesser known or like Bain or the cameos unknown to the casting agents!! So perhaps we might even consider, hypothetical, not yet dicovered (born!!) ;-)

Brandon Lovesee

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I think permitting actors in the past could cause some limitations in the discussions. The Silm Film group covers a wide range of ages and people and we may (unintentionally of course) exclude some people from the discussion who are not as well versed in film history as others. I'm not saying we should automatically limit the discussion to living actors, but it's a thought I had when it was mentioned on the podcast.


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I see where you are coming from Brandon, but I think if we brought in some dead actors it would push those of us who are not as versed in film history to discover and possibly love older films we otherwise would have not found.

Koley Porter

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As Corey said, "I want to do an adaptation completely untrammeled by reality. No restrictions of any kind—pure awesomeness without check."

I think this applies here, and that we should not limit ourselves to living actors, though I understand there are valid reasons for wanting to do so.


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Identifying past actors can really stretch the project and expose us all to some performances we may not yet know about.

Having a young Christopher Lee be in the series (not as Saruman of course!) would lead us to some great preformances that some (or most) of us have not seen. The possibilities are endless!


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The idea of casting actors both dead and alive is wonderful, I love it. But I can see problems. It has to do with the actors being representatives of a certain time and style of acting. How do we visualize, for instance, a scene between Morwen and Túrin, if the actors were from different times, let's say Greta Garbo and Chris Hemsworth (just for the sake of the argument). They have completely different styles of acting. Thinking of them acting together feels funny. I don't know if this is a big problem, but I wanted to bring it up. What do you think?
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