Death of Eowyn and Aragorn Dying alone


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I listened now to the last episode of Treason of Isengard and heard the angry reaction to this idea. However, I think it can fit. The kingship of Gondor is not yet established as the inheritance of the line of Elendil. Elendil's job was to overthrow Sauron, and now Aragorn finished the job. I see it as Elendil's line being able to finally die at peace. Aragorn would probably have someone else to inherit him, and it is not more sad than Frodo leaving Middle-earth childless and leaving everything to Sam.


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Aragorn doesn't have someone else to inherit for him, isn't that his whole arc? He needs to have children and establish a new line of kings before he dies. Which episode of Treason of Isengard does your observation arise from?

I could see an alternative timeline where Faramir and Eowyn are made the new rulers and Aragorn died in battle. With no direct battle against Sauron, Aragorn's death at Pelennor Fields or the Black Gate would seem anti-climatic.

Rachel Port

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When Eowyn is introduced, the first plan is that she marries Aragorn. That quickly changes to unrequited love, and her dying killing the Witch King (or is he still the Wizard King?). Then there is a paragraph that says that perhaps Aragorn really loved her, and never marries after her death.

But I agree that he never would remain unmarried. His job is to produce heirs, and he will not shirk any part of his job.