Dimitra Fimi: Celtic Myth in Children's Fantasy


Hestia of the Hearth
Here's a great place to post thoughts about Dr. Fimi's Faculty Chat on October 16th - Who is really familiar with the books? What else should we know about them? How does Dr. Fimi's insight deepen the reading for you?


Hestia of the Hearth
I know that Dr. Fimi likes to know about new books within this sub-genre - so what have you read in children's, tweens', CoA, teens', and YA age groups that you'd recommend?

(sub-text, what should I read next?)

I'll suggest "Through the Eyes of a Raptor" by an author local to me, Julie Hahnke. I see she has another one after that - not a sequel - but I haven't read it.


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I haven't spent much time in this genre so I don't have any recommendations unfortunately. I very much enjoyed Darkhenge however and am looking forward to reading the Henry Neff series.
I also loved her suggestion of a Neil Gaiman course! The course byline would be something like: The Post Modern Gothic, Norse Mythology, and Harry Potter before J.K. Rowling.