Episode 0-3

(to be honest I'm not wholly on board with the idea of having the frame narrative jump around so much - I would have preferred having it start at a definite point and move forward, including additional characters and arcs as they emerged chronologically, but we have to work within the boundaries given to us I guess).
I'm not opposed to skipping around in time, but I think it needs to be done in a way that the audience can make sense of it. Honestly I am entirely in support of hoaky subtitles announcing the time and place, but since that doesn't seem to fly, I at least like the idea of having all the frame narratives be contemporaneous within any given season.

Brandon Lovesee

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Also, I left out any hint of a frame narrative because, while everybody else seems eager to shot ideas for that, I don't see it working enough to warrant one. I think certain ideas associated with frame narratives are just desires for easter eggs and cameos, none of which have enough thematic resonance to all of the First Age stories being told or enough substance to stretch across so much content (essentially, I don't think there should be any frame narrative at all). But also, without anyone having decided on a specific frame narrative yet, I can't really plan how it would connect to this current outline.
Bre, I cannot agree with you more on this. I think our esteemed hosts got hooked on the idea of Gilraen telling the story of Beren/Luthien to young Aragorn and everything evolved from there. In the most recent episode as they were discussing the narrator for the time of the Valar material, the thought that immediately came to my mind was that it should be Elrond (being the master of lore that he is). The hosts seemed to think Elrond was okay, but are trying to shoehorn that into the young Aragorn story. I think the ultimate question for the frame is "What does this add to the story?" and I'm not sure it works.