Examples of Completed Silmarillion Scripts


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I'm posting this here for lack of another place, although this might bear particularly on future seasons. Regarding standalone treatments of parts of The Silmarillion. I know of two samples that may have relevance here, from a project abandoned several years. Another group called SilmFilm that wrote complete Silmarillion movie scripts from a decade ago? This is what happened, with the examples I offer here:

The Fall of the Noldor script:


The Lay of Lethian script:

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i've finally read fall of the noldor.i see similarities and differences compared to what you did so far.in these scripts valinorian society appears to be more courtious, feanor seems more obedient to his father and his motivation seems more to please finwe, though there is a hidden hint rhat he might want the silmarils for having the light of aman with him if the elves return to middle-earth.the valar play a larger part and the characters explain a lot in the dialogues, which i dislike.i find some of the dialogues funny at times in term of language and i am not convinced by the fighting scenes.but all in all i have to say i quite liked it.