FIELD TRIP: Barad Morlas Investigation


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(This post relates to content seen during our field trips within LotRO, and not directly to book canon.)

In our LotRO field trips, we recently visited Barad Morlas (the "water slide" place), and saw some small statues of elves among the ruins. According to the game, these are memorials placed to remember soldiers who fell in battle when Eregion was overrun.

Attached is a map of that part of Eregion, with the locations of the statues marked in bright green dots (15 in all; you may need to zoom in a little to see them). The reading the investigators came up with is that the enemy attack came from the southwest. Some enemies crossed the river outside the settlement, but were stopped from continuing to the north side by another river/ravine. Most attacked south of the river. (The bunching of elves near the western walls makes most sense if they tried to defend there.) The enemies then pushed through the town to the bridge, where another concerted effort was made to stop the enemies, on the north side. Presumably, these would have been a rearguard allowing the rest to flee north toward Rivendell.

What are your thoughts on this reading? Are there others which make more sense? And how should we understand the extreme outlier to the southeast?