Free Books!


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Hi Everybody,

I have some duplicate books from my home library to give away that I believe will be of interest to Signum and Mythgard folks. These are absolutely free and I’ll even pay for the postage because I want these books to go to good homes. Just email me at [email protected] with your mailing address. My only hope is that you use these books in your own studies and not sell them on Amazon. USA only, sorry.


TAKEN The Norton Shakespeare based on the Oxford Edition. (Contains all the plays + annotations)

TAKEN The Letters of JRR Tolkien, selected and edited by Humphrey Carpenter

TAKEN The Tolkien Companion, by JEA Tyler (paperback edition)

TAKEN Unfinished Tales, JRR Tolkien

TAKEN The Arthurian Encyclopedia, Norris J. Lacey, editor (This is a great book!)

The Bedford Anthology of World Literature, Book 3 (The Early Modern World, 1450-1650)

TAKEN Literary Theory: An Introduction, Terry Eagleton

-Xenia Moos
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Actually, I don't have a copy of Tolkien's Letters, and would love one! I'll email you sometime next week and see if it's still available. Thanks so much for your kind offer!


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Hi Cryios, I still have:

The Craft of Research
The Bedford Anthology of World Lit, Book 3
The Tolkien Companion

Would you like them? :)



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Sometimes at library sales or other cheap-o sources of used books I buy books that I think might be of interest to Signum people. I enjoy this, and it's a small way to pay back the joy I get from being part of the Mythgard/ Signum world. Stand by for more BOOKS!