Guidelines for nominations

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Trish Lambert

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Deadline for all nominations: Friday March 25 by end of that day's broadcast.

This forum is ONLY for nominating cast members for Season 1. Do not comment on any of the nominations posted here. Conduct discussions on nominations on the Season 1 forum in the Casting section.

One thread per role. If you want to nominate someone for a role that isn't already here, start a thread with the character's name. If a thread for the character you want to nominate for is already on the board, use that thread to post your nomination.

Include the following in your nomination post:
  • Actor name
  • Link to their page on
  • Photos, no more than 3
  • A short write up of why you are nominating this actor, referring to the specifications created for the character (see episode notes for Session 1.16).
Not open for further replies.