Introducing...the Sixty-Minute Silmarillion!


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So, Marie, what do you do in your spare time when you're not discussing the Silmarillion here for the Silm Film project? Well, naturally, I...discuss the Silmarillion with my friends and plan costumes and songs and skits based on it!

In case you've ever wanted to hear the Silmarillion summarized in a humorous way in 1 hour....this is basically 'Drunk History' of the Silmarillion!

Listen to some of my friends and I 'explain' the story of the Silmarillion, with songs and costumes and dumb jokes! This panel was presented live at DragonCon 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia, but was filmed by us this summer to be immortalized on the it could be presented at virtual DragonCon in 2020 this past weekend. While it is intended to be accessible to those who have not read the Silmarillion, there were a surprising number of Silmarillion readers in the audience at last year's panel.

Hope you enjoy!