Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell - Fan videos


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I wanted to share some videos that people put together, based on the BBC version of the story. Some are just silly, and others are homemade music videos that kinda fit the story. I thought people might enjoy them. Warning that a few of them might be a tad shippy.

First, some serious ones:

Everybody Wants to Rule the World (song by Lorde)

Thistle and Weeds (song by Mumford and Sons) - Jonathan Strange

Hunt You Down (song by The Hit House)

And my personal favorite, GONE (song by Ioanna Gika)

Remains (song by Bastille) - this one is shippy

Kill the Lights (song by the Birthday Massacre)

More of a preview/trailer - All Magicians Lie:

...and the less serious

I'll Just Read a Book Instead (song: Do-Wah-Do by Kate Nash) - Childermass vs Lascelles

Marry Me (song by Krista Siegrids) - Jonathan Strange

A collection of various clips - language warning for swearing:

And another in the same vein (crack video):

There's more where these came from.
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These are a bit different, in that they use the images of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell to tell other stories. Rather clever! Enjoy.

The Tale of the Three Brothers, from Harry Potter, narrated by Hermione:

And this one is a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde one in which Childermass is Mr. Norrell's alter ego/hit man:

And here is John Segundus as the main character:


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Whoah, this is awesome. Thanks!
Currently listening to the Mythgard class on this. This is my second read and I am giddy with enjoyment. Not sure if the novel simply insists on a second reading to be thoroughly enjoyed or if I was just not mature enough to really get it when it came out over a decade ago.