Kinship Guidelines

Trish Lambert

Staff member
Our kinship guidelines are pretty simple and they boil down to:

Don't be a jerk.​

Here are details about kin membership:
  • Individuals who would like to join the Mythgard kinship need to contact an officer in game to request an invitation (you can use our list to find officers, then add one or more to your friend list and send a tell to one when they show up on line)
  • New recruits will be promoted to full members after 30 days.
  • Full membership allows access to the kin house chest.
Kin house
  • Our house is on 2 Frothing Road in the Eldinggraf Neighborhood of Thorin's Hall Homesteads
  • The house is open to anyone who wishes to visit, though you will get a port there when you join the kin
  • Access to the kin chest is open to full kin members; feel free to both add and remove stuff from there.
  • The maps on the walls of the house are part of the Eriador Cartographer deed. To get this title, you can take a map off the wall and put it in your inventory bag, which will give you credit for that map. Put the map back on the wall, and then keep doing that with all the maps and you'll complete the deed!
  • We have both a Sinister Keg and a Moria Keg in the on those at your own risk, and keep track of your pants!
  • There is a scholar study on the top floor with a scholar crafting station.
  • There is a crafting crate outside the house. Click on it to get free crafting materials!
  • We will see if we can get the kin to pitch in to furnish out the rest of the crafting stations (and supplier) so we can have a place for you to come make things.