Language Invention for S7 Ep1

Ilana Mushin

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The episode 1 script has been selected for performance at Mythmoot. There are two instances where humans audibly speak something in their own languages for Pegolodh. First, Handir mutters something rude in the tongue of the Haladin (I'd suggest something that translates as 'Go jump in a lake' or words to that effect), which Pengolodh then repeats with delight. Then Huor provide a sample of the Tongue of the Hadorians, which is essentially the ancestor language for Adunaic and a different language from the Haladin language. This could be a greeting or a positive evaluation (eg. your city is beautiful). Pengolodh also repeats this.

Both languages samples should have plenty of fricatives that are not found in Sindarin or Quenya (like zh, gh, sh, z).

I'm much more comfortable with linguistic analysis than linguistic invention so would love people to suggest phrases that Handir and then Huor can say for Pengolodh to copy. We'll need it in a bit over a week.
I like this. I think the second one, without the artificial extra fricatives, sounds a little closer to what we want. Just going off of what we have here, there's some interesting formations that could be used in other situations to add depth. The two words al and ak/agh read like forms of the same word to me, an article of some sort, that mutates depending on the following sound, sort of like Arabic's definite article.
I followed the premise of Halethian as a mix of Celtic and Semitic and Hadorian as a mix of Semitic and finno-ugric. But i had the syllables complete rearranged, so they're not reminiscent to any words from the languages i started with any longer.

I really translated word by word this time, no obscure word-orders anymore. Just "Go jump into a lake" and "your city is beautiful".
Thank you! I do want the fricatives, which could of course become stops over time (less usual than stops to fricatives, but it is a possible sound change).

How about we make one of these have longer words that sound like they are made up of multple morphemes
eg. Dulasha neiozho tokh-ne alghebuhaza (I’ve made this one require words to end in a vowel)

Did you have suggested translations for these?