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Bruce N H

Hi all,

Years ago I started, but did not finish*, a project to illustrate the Divine Comedy in LEGO by creating a vignette** for each canto. Here's my scene for Canto 1 of the Inferno:
Midway this way of life we're bound upon,
I woke to find myself in a dark wood,
Where the right road was wholly lost and gone.

Here's the Inferno
Purgatorio - note - I only built 17 of the 33 cantos, so those boxes with broken image symbols are ones I haven't done.
Paradisio - same thing on this one, I've only finished 22 of the 33

Getting into Dante again, and also seeing my old LEGO version, is prompting me to go back and make the other 27 scenes I'm missing.

Off the Dante topic, but related to this and possibly of interest to others in this forum, the first thing I started (but didn't finish*) illustrating was The Lord of the Rings. If you want more, by builders much better than me, for about five years I maintained a blog on this: TolkienBricks

If you've clicked through those links you've probably guessed the explanation for the handle "Bricktales" I use in various online forums - back about 20 years ago I created a website named Brick Tales for stories illustrated with LEGO bricks.

Bruce / Bricktales

*Moving across country, having kids, new job put a big halt on my LEGO hobbyist days.
**In the AFOL** community**** a vignette is a scene built on a constrained footprint - usually something like an 8x8 square base.
***Adult Fan Of LEGO.
****There is a huge online LEGO community - discussion boards, blogs, Flickr groups, conventions, etc. It's fun, check it out.

Bruce N H


Here are my LEGO scene for cantos 2-4, tonight's readings:

Canto 2:
Virgil tells how Beatrice descended to Hell to charge him with leading Dante. Here I wanted to show two levels, Dante up on the surface of earth still in the dark wood, and Virgil down below.

Canto 3:
Upon entering the gate of Hell (Abandon all hope!) Dante sees the futile endlessly chasing after flags flying through the air.

Canto 4:
Dante meets the virtuous pagans.