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Keeping with the 'Asian Feanturi' theme, I'm nominating Shin Koyamada as Lorien. He's younger but not Maia young. And as a man myself, Koyamada is good looking, but not so ridiculously good looking that you're nervous to bring your girlfriend with you when you are hanging out with him. In other words, he'd seems like a nice, friendly guy you'd want to grab a beer with. And frankly, that's kind of place Lorien is in Valinor; it's the place you go when you want to take a relaxing stroll or have a nice conversation with some friends or heal your war-mangled physical manifestation. And every cool hangout has that friendly, welcoming owner who just wants all of his patrons to enjoy themselves while they're at his establishment. That's Lorien. That's Shin Koyamada.