LOTRO and Macs


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I was using LOTRO on my iMac for several years, but have recently been unable to access LOTRO. When I asked Standing Stone support, I was told they no longer support Macs. I've tried the directions to use the Wine client but they are beyond my limited tech skills. I find it hard to believe that Standing Stone has totally blown off Mac users. Are there any Mac users out there who can help me get back into LOTRO? Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.
As I am neither a LOTRO player nor a Mac user, I'm probably not the correct person to answer your question. But this article from October I found online suggests that the issue is updating Mac to macOS Catalina - if you don't do that, Mac should still work for running LOTRO. If you have already done that, contacting Apple to see if there is a way to uninstall the update might be your next step.


Thanks for the response, MithLuin. I had heard that but was unwilling to accept it. Guess I’ll just have to read the book rather than doing video games. Sigh.