Malory - concluding episodes: Access Denied

Jim Deutch

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I could swear I listened to the entire "Gawayn's Vengance" episode and at the end two more were promised: one to finish up the book, and one more for the Monty Python film. But now the next episode 35 has appeared in the RSS feed, and it is titled Monty Python. Is one missing?

Furthermore, this new episode cannot be downloaded. The site returns:
<Message>Access Denied</Message>

Jim Deutch

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Rather than edit, I will reply to myself...

I see on youTube there is an episode 36 "The Ancients and the Moderns", that hasn't shown up on the RSS feed yet. I don't know if they took place out of the planned order, or got numbered weirdly: doesn't matter.

I hope the problem with episode 35 on the RSS feed can be resolved soon, and await episode 36 with all the patience I can muster.