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Enamel pins / acrylic figure keychains are very popular item in the fan art / artist alleys at anime/comic conventions, with many companies offering prepress help ( off my head I recall zapcreatives doing acylic and wood for keychain/charms ). Both are things that can be made bulk ( the more you buy in an order the cheaper they all are, 2-6$ish) and are popular collectables usually marked at 10-15$ per pin/charm (pending complexity and size.)

There's been a bunch of Kickstarters since October with lots of beautiful custom designs from artists, too, to get ideas of the breadth of the possibilities ( often kickstarters get the most of the pins, and then overflow is sold through their private websites or etsy shop. )

Phillip Menzies

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I'm catching up on episodes of SilmFilm, but I agree we need some iconic SilmFilm designs.
  1. "Bobwe was here." I liked the idea that Bobwe, although he was lost on the journey with the ambassadors is still out there somewhere and still makes secret visits to the elf realms. The design would be like the Kilroy design with Bobwe's nose poking over a wall but with elf ears. I have attached a Kilroy image to base the Bobwe image on.
  2. I'm surprised that Nick did not put up a suggestion for "Save the Lamps" I have uploaded some of the illustrations that Marie came up with during the lamps crisis.
  3. Another noteable SilmFilm departure associated with the lamps was the angelic beings having their wings burning off and tuning into balrogs with no wings. A series of 3 images should do it.
  4. Season 3 saw the hosts killing Amrod when Feanor burned the ships. Maybe this could be a series of days of the week t-shirts, advice from the death of each of the sons of Feanor. "Oath Advice - Sunday" The first one could be "Don't stow away on a burning ship" We probably won't be able to use any of the son's names. The final one although not a death can be "Oath Advice - Saturday. When you have forever learn more than one song." Each one would have an appropriate artwork (not supplied).
  5. "The Sun Still Shines" showing a solar eclipse and an elf woman with a face of terror.
I could come up with more suggestions or peple can comment and add to these. I'm sure these will tickle Corey's fancy.


Don Standing

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I posted this before, but it has disappeared. Once more into the breach. Three ideas:

Elvish has left the building

Tolkien ( or I) loved forests to the Enth degree

Gwaith uin Narn (People of the Tale). It seems a natural for us Mythgard types. In tengwar, of course