New YouTube updates aren’t new?


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I listen to the “Exploring the Lord of the Rings” episodes on YouTube. It’s been 3 weeks since the last updates, so I was happy to see three new videos uploaded. My joy turned to disappointment when I realized that these videos aren’t new. They were the last three previously posted videos, just reposted with a new upload date.

I’m not crazy, right? These videos are just reposts, correct? There hasn’t been a new video in the series in over a month then. Is everything okay? Any update from the live feeds about the schedule?

Jim Deutch

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Eleventy-one is the latest on the RSS feed, posted August 9th.
Delays are not to be unexpected, especially over holidays and summertime; a lot of extra work goes into preparing the videos and podcasts for publication and people can get a little behind on it. I know: I do similar work for my wife's live-radio podcast!