Party Decorations


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There are several celebrations in both the frame and main story this season.
  • Feast for Galadriel's arrival in Menegroth (Episode 2)
  • The Seven-Year Commemoration of the Battle of Five Armies in Dale (Episodes 4-10)
  • Tournament at Himring (Episode 4)
  • The Mereth Aderthad in Vinyamar (Episode 5)
  • Orodreth and Meril's wedding at Minas Tirith (Episode 6)
  • Feast in Menegroth (Episode 11)
  • Galadriel and Celeborn's wedding in Nargothrond (Episode 13)
  • Completion of the Dragon-proof doors for Erebor (Episode 13)
How do the characters decorate for these events? The scripts mention flags and banners, lanterns, and hanging baskets of flowers, but what might these look like? What other decorations might be used?