"Passing of the Elves" at Dragon Con


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Each year at DragonCon, a group of elves assembles to process with lanterns through the three interconnected Con hotels (Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott, and sometimes food court) while singing.

Here's a few sample videos:
From 2016 (Procession - 20 s):

From 2016 (Hyatt - May It Be):

From 2017 (Marriott Dome - Passing of the Elves):

From 2019 (Food Court - May It Be):

Best Video
From 2019 (Hilton - Passing of the Elves):

From 2020 (Masquerade entry - Had to be filmed at home on account of...2020):

This didn't happen in 2021 on account of COVID, but the lantern elf procession and singing returned to DragonCon in 2022!
I'm still waiting for a video to pop up on YouTube; the ones I've seen so far are on facebook, in a private group (so I can't share the link)
I did find this preview on TikTok, though (Procession - 23 s):
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