Poe Vs Tolkien


(This is what I do at work.) What would happen if Edgar Allen Poe wrote lord of the rings?

I opened wide the door. A wizard was there and nothing more. This wizard looked like he had seen some adventures in the saintly days of yore. “Good morning nevermore.” He said while standing at my chamber door. “Tis not morning” I said shaking my head as he was clearly a bore.

I had to look up at him because he was higher. He came into my chamber and sat by the fire. “Good morning nevermore.” After he said this the mystery of the wizard I began to explore. He was dressed all in grey and this is all he wore. Every time I asked him something he would respond with good morning nevermore.

He pointed to my uncles ring. Then he pointed to my uncles sword called sting. He soon left and went out my chamber door. I could not get out of my head the words good morning nevermore.