Potential ending 1 - MacDuff


(This came to me last night not sure if I will use it let me know if you like it or hate it)

Virgil still had enough strength in his body to perform one more task. His Brother Vegeta had perished in the battle with the black dragon. Virgil loved his brother and always wanted the best for him. Virgil was gravely hurt and knew his end was close. He was at deaths door but had to buy his brother properly. Vegeta sacrificed himself in order to save Virgil in the battle. Virgil with his blood stained clothes went to the local priest and delivered the body. Virgil was bent over holding onto his side and stared menacingly into the eyes of the priest and said. “Give my brother a proper speech and burial. I do not care what you say about me or my brother but you must refer to him as a saint. I don’t give a damn what else you do. If you don’t I will chop off your head and burn this whole place down with the last of my strength. Make sure you call him a saint!” The priest nodded and with fear in his eyes began to see to preparations. Behind the small little church was the graveyard where the grave was made. Virgil was bleeding badly and coughing up blood.

Virgil still managed to sit with dignity while the priest walked up to the podium and began to speak. The reputation of Virgil and Vegeta was wide spread among the populace of the small town and nobody dared to sit next to Virgil in fact barely anybody showed up at all. The two of them were known for having a reputation as the worst villains of this generation. The priest began his speech to honor the dead and to close the coffin. He began to speak in a slow raspy voice. “We are gathered here today to honor the memory of this vile creature before you. He did every rotten thing you can think of in order to reach the head of the mage guild. He was a liar and a cheat and an all-around scoundrel but compared to his brother he was a saint.”