Request for Morgoth's Ring Forum


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I assume such a forum will soon be up... Because I have a really terrifying request to post there.
Being a bear of veery little brain, that mostly consisting of woodwool and with a memory makes the whisps of the Pensieve look like solid steel while my laziness and perseverance quotient ranks way beyond average ... I would enter a desperate but sincere plea to any of you with real brains: What I would like to see is a sort of JRRT-CJRT equivalent of the Hexapla of Origen (look it up)... In parallel columns a comparison of the various drafts of the Silmarillion in general and the "Ainulindale" in particular as started by ChT on pp. 23-25 of "Morbid's Ring" [sic]. I know this is a big ask. But I think if we are to really make any heads or tales of all of this material, we need some sort schematic comparison. In fact, I am surprised no one has yet done it! This stuff has been out for almost 30 years and it seems to me such a compilation would provide a serious contribution to M-e Studies. What say you, Scholars of the West, anyone game to give it a try?