RPGs and video game adaptations


Would any of you happen to know a little about, and want to discuss with me at some point:

1) the development of role-playing games as a genre, from table-top games like D&D to early text-based computer games to the flowering of JRPGs in the 90's and beyond to MMORPGs and VR?

2) the translation/localization process for JRPGs in particular, but also more about Japanese language and culture generally as they map onto these games and their stories?

I know that's kind of a lot to just sort of hurl at you, but let me know if you might be interested, or if you have any suggestions for people I should contact. Thanks!


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I know a bit on p'np and early pc rpgs, i cant say anything about jrpgs though...

I played MERP, Realms of arcania, vampire the masquerade, shadowrun and a couple of other pnp rpgs, and tons of pc rpgs, some roguelikes, ultima, might &magic, and lots of shareware and freeware stuff, i think the last pc rpg i ever played was fallout ii, or maybe snes shadowrun.. i war h letsplays on youtube when i find the time for it nowadays, but that's it.


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Well what can I tell you about p'np games... personally i always loved the bockgrounds and sources to create a very detailed world and the storytelling element... but i was always let down by the rules and mechanics of almost every system... as rolling dice and mathematics and stats kill the feeling of a story for me...

But it's similar with pc rpgs... people love the hack'n'slay and great gear to give their characters... and to me that leads away from what i l7ke about storytelling and subcreation..