Running LOTRO on MAC (In Windows Partition)

Peter Rybski

New Member
Hello all!

Because of the known stability problems encountered while playing LOTRO on a MAC, I recently installed LOTRO on a Windows partition (using boot camp) on my 2016 MacBook pro. I think Corey has a similar set up, but he is using parallels instead of boot camp.

Anyway, I recall Corey having problems with the size and text in dialogue windows, and the size of items in his inventory. I believe it is because LOTRO doesn't fully support the retina display. The rest of the UI (quick slots, chat boxes, etc) can be adjusted in the graphics menu. Now, I had the same problem, but managed to make it better at some point (using setting in Windows, I think) but then I had to reset the machine and now I'm squinting terribly at the screen every time I'm talking to someone or trying to manage my inventory.

Does anyone know how to adjust the text/image sizes? I have adjusted the resolution, but the tiny text and inventory is still there.

Thanks for the help,