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I need to get started on this outline....

Protagonist: Fingolfin
Dilemma: Fingolfin is acting king of the Noldor in Tirion, and he has to figure out how to step into his role and protect his people despite the interference of the Valar and the divisions in his own family.

Teaser: Aredhel and Galadriel discuss their family with a young Idril as a 'meanwhile, back in Tirion' catchup for the audience. While they are speaking, Fingon rides up to the gate of Tirion, which is now guarded. (Tirion has a wall around it now.) He is stopped, and expresses some surprise in a 'what is this?' way - he is directed to take it up with his father the king.

Act 1
1. Fingon meets with Fingolfin, and asks him about the guards at the gate. Fingolfin gives him the news about Melkor being officially MIA as the Valar seek for him.

2. Back in Formenos, young teen Celebrimbor has broken into the vault to get a look at the silmarils. He's very impressed, and is trying to figure out how Fëanor did that. Then...he gets caught. Fëanor grabs him, furiously enraged, and people come running at his shout. Finwë, seeing that Fëanor has the kid by the throat, reprimands Fëanor (who ignores him). Finwë then decks Fëanor, saying something like, 'don't you dare threaten one of my subjects like that.' Everyone (including Finwë and Fëanor) are shocked by what just happened, and Celebrimbor blurts out an 'I'm sorry!' and flees the scene.

3. Aulë visits Fingolfin in Tirion, trying to diplomatically express the Valar's concerns over the militarization of the Noldor. Fingolfin, not quite as diplomatically, insinuates that if the Valar had never released Melkor in the first place, they wouldn't need walls. Aulë informs him that these walls won't keep Melkor out anyway. Fingolfin is clearly bitter over the Valar's interference in his family affairs (though he's not quite to 'elfdom for the elves' yet), and says the Valar banished our king. Aulë counters that, no, Finwë banished himself. Fingolfin mutters something about if you aren't allowed to govern in your own city, how can you be a king? Aulë then says that he doesn't want to damage their friendship, so if he is not welcome in Tirion any longer, he will stay away, out of respect for the wishes of the Noldor, though he would miss them. Fingolfin reassures him of the friendship of the Noldor (it's those other Valar, not you). So, they end on a more-or-less friendly note, but not closer to agreement.

Act 2

4. Curufin dresses down Celebrimbor for trespassing in Fëanor's vault. Nerdanel is present.
Eonwë visits Formenos, bypassing the gate and landing in the courtyard. He is received in a hall inside Formenos. Fëanor, in full regalia, is seated on a (smaller) throne than Finwë, but raised on a dias to look down on Eonwë. Eonwë delivers the message, inviting Fëanor and Fingolfin to a feast of reconciliation in Manwë's hall on Taniquetal. Fëanor does not respond, but can't let Eonwë go unanswered, so as he is leaving, says, 'And if I refuse?' Eonwë, who has no time for Fëanor's power trip and says, "I'll see you there." After Eonwë's departure, Maedhros asks, "So...are we going?"

5. Fingolfin discusses the Valar's invitation with his mother Indis and his brother Finarfin. He is not happy about being ordered around by the Valar, but does not want to lose the opportunity to heal the rift in his family.

6. Back at Formenos, Fëanor debates with his family (Finwë, Nerdanel and the 7 Sons) what to do about the Valar's invitation around a large round table. Everyone kinda assumes Fëanor is going to refuse the summons, and Finwë says that he could not possibly go while he is unkinged. Maedhros says, 'So, it's decided, we won't go." And Fëanor counters with an attitude of actually....don't assume you can predict me. He says that he will have to go so that a legitimate leader of the Noldor will be present (if Finwë is not). His sons all pledge to go with him. Nerdanel, seeing a public relations spectacle disaster in the making, decides not to go.

Act 3

7. Melkor approaches the cave of Ungoliant with some trepidation, and she cannot be seen at first (there are some spidery skittery sounds). Ungoliant (in human form) is extremely emaciated, but still wearing the vestiges of her 'sexual predator costume' that is now hanging off her bones. She invades his personal space, while he struggles to control his distance from her, and she remains fixated on him (licking her lips, watching his pulse points). He talks about how the Valar have trapped her here, and revenge, suffering, and destroying what the Valar hold dear. She doesn't have much interest in the Valar, but she is hungry. He promises that if she helps him, and is still hungry, he will give her whatever she wants...with both hands.

8. Party on the top of Taniquetal! Lanterns everywhere. Galadriel and Aredhel are at the door handing out garlands of flowers to the partygoers as they enter, with the help of Idril. (Her mother Elenwë stands by.) They discuss whether or not they think the Fëanoreans will come.
The Vanyar do not understand the tension between the Noldor and the Valar. Indis and Elenwë act as diplomats to explain the situation to Ingwë and his court.
Tulkas is not here; Oromë is there as a brief respite from his search. Manwë wants him on elf diplomacy duty.
Finrod is with Amarië. (Neither of these characters has been introduced yet). Galadriel teases her older brother in a 'so, when is the wedding?' way.
Fingolfin and Finarfin are standing shoulder to shoulder, facing in opposite directions. They are being social, but not celebrating. We see Finarfin's reaction when Fëanor enters.

9. Fëanor is wearing a somber, non-fancy, non-adorned outfit - all black. His sons are dressed in similarly dark colors and non-jewel-bedecked. Everything grinds to a halt and everyone stares at him in awkward silence. Little Idril, who has never seen Fëanor before, approaches him and offers him a flower, diffusing the tension a bit.

Act 4

10. Aulë greets Fëanor, expresses regret that Finwë didn't make it, and says that he is happy to see Fëanor here. Fëanor claims he is doing the bidding of his king.
The Sons of Fëanor are being aloof. The twins start in on the food, and the others chastise them. Aredhel tries to start a conversation with Celegorm and Curufin, but they ignore her. Fingon and Maedhros see each other across the room, but don't approach/greet one another.
Huan reunites with his packmates, visiting with Oromë's other hounds.

11. Eonwë calls Fëanor and Fingolfin before the throne of Manwë and reads out Fëanor's crime (threatening his brother's life) and sentence (banishment from Tirion for 12 years). Manwë asks if Fëanor acknowledges this. Fëanor passive-aggressively acknowledges that wrongs have been done. Someone (Caranthir?) asks who is Manwë to judge.
Mandos reminds the Noldor that Manwë is king of all Arda, and that includes Tirion...and everything outside Tirion as well.
Fingolfin steps up and defiantly releases Fëanor, who remains silent. Then they do take hands and Fingolfin says the 'you will lead, I will follow' bit. Fëanor acknowledges that he hears him.
Finarfin and Indis are looking on cautiously optimistic, but clearly with reservations. Irime continues to glare at Fëanor with blatant distrust.

Tag: Melkor stands at a high place on the Pelóri, looking out over the shining plain of Valinor. There is a skittering sound of falling rocks behind him. He speaks to Ungoliant telling her that their vengeance will begin. Then, he leaps down the mountain, and we see Ungoliant in waist-high spider form jumping down the mountain next to him.

This can probably all be broken up a bit differently, or small scenes can be added to fill in.
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