Series idea: Writer's Toolbox

I posted this in the "Special Interests" forum already, but that area is fairly unfrequented now so I thought I'd repost it here. I also recognize that I may not have done a great job explaining my idea or how it would actually work, and I'm happy to clarify/explicate as needed.

Would anyone else be interested in a seminar series on smaller pieces (songs, short poems and perhaps ocassional excerpts from longer ones) from a writer's perspective (i.e. with a view to the use of techniques and the creative process as well as ways other writers might repurpose said methods for their own work?) As a poet and short story writer who is acadmeically trained to analyze literature I can't help doing this sort of analysis in my head already whenever I find a song or poem I particularly like and I would love to be able to share that experience with like minded people. Plus, it could serve as an avenue for discussing pieces which are too small to be worth a Mythgard Academy nomination, and, therefore, might also be interesting to the broader Signum audience, even if it's aimed initially at other writers.

I recognize that I'm fairly unknown here, given that I don't regularly attend classes and just make the ocassional comment after the fact, and that I lack formal teaching experience (although I've always had a pedagogical urge, so I've often made note of how good teachers operate when I was lucky enough to observe them). I don't want to turn this into a job application by including my CV or anything, but, if there's enough interest, and I'm not just crazy, I would love to lead something like this if only to get it out of my system.

What do the rest of you think?

P. S. I'm not sure if Sparrow is still doing her writers' workshops, but, if so, I think a program like this could complement them well and would be happy to work with her to facilitate that.

Edit: Fixed typo in P.S.