Signum Eagles Proofreading Team!!


Hestia of the Hearth
Yes, it's the next fabulous co-curricular activity at Signum!

Join the Signum Eagles Proofreading Team at Distributed Proofreaders (the folks who volunteer to proof documents for Project Gutenberg!!!)

Go here:

Look in the northeast corner of the screen for the chance to register. Do so.

Then return to that link, and join Team #707: Signum Eagles!
There's a code of conduct, there are pages of how-to... and there's fabulous work to be done. Our pages will accumulate in a non-stressful manner toward our goal.


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I tried out DP years ago, but I can find no way of recovering my old account: I'm not even sure which email address I used!

…and now I've managed to re-register myself with a misspelled UID and can find no way of adjusting it. I'm sure that experienced users think it's the bees knees but certain aspects of their website suck rocks through a very thin straw :mad:


Hestia of the Hearth
I have noticed the less-than-intuitive nature of the web site. It's going to take me a dedicated two hours and two coffees to get up to speed.