Star Trek City on the Edge of Forever

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I was listening to Dr. Olsen's podcast on Star Trek, the second part of which dealt with the time travel episode in the original series named "The City on the Edge of Forever." Little wonder that it's one of their best episodes, since it was written by Harlan Ellison; but that also guarantees that it would be a heavy episode fraught with difficult moral choices.

Back in the 80's, my friends and I found it highly amusing that the starry-eyed idealist and humanitarian Edith Keeler was played by a young Joan Collins; at that time she was known for being the scheming and powerful sexpot Alexis Carrington on the series Dynasty.

William Shatner said in one of his books that when Gene Roddenberry originally pitched Star Trek to the studios, he emphasized his "similar Earths" concept, which assumed that intelligent life and even civilizations would evolved in very parallel ways to Earth itself, thereby reducing budgets for makeup, sets, and special effects, by filming in actual Earth settings. For this reason time travel episodes like this one were also greatly loved by the studios.



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