Subforum for Sauron Defeated?

Bruce N H

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Question for the forum admins - now that we're about to start a new Mythgard Academy book, shouldn't there be a forum for it? Presumably the plan was to create new subforums for each new book, but only Treason of Isengard and Hitchhikers Guide ever got specific sections. Random Morte D'Arthur topics have shown up in the Main Forum, and I know in the past I've posted History of Middle Earth topics in the Exploring the Lord of the Rings forum, though it wasn't really the proper place. Having a dedicated subforum would make it easier to find discussions, and also easier for Corey to find questions for class, serving the same purpose for Mythgard Academy sessions that the "Quesions for Narnion" subforum serves for the Exploring Lord of the Rings class.
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Bumping this up again, but now the request would be for a sub-forum for A Wizard of Earthsea under the main "Mythgard Academy Discussions" forum. I would note that on the page there is a link to "forum" and it drops you in "Mythgard Academy Discussions" but the only options there are "Hitchhikers guide", "Past topics" and "Treason of Isengard".