Temp music

Phillip Menzies

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What better way to start the music discussion for S7 than with temp music. If you don’t know, temp music is what directors put behind a scene to give the composer an indication of what style or sound the music should have. If you have ideas as to what certain themes should sound like post a link here @Nicholas Palazzo (hint: that music from 300)
The most famous instance of temp music is the music for 2001 A Space Odyssey. The original score was such a disaster that the director Stanley Kubrick ended up using the temp music for the final edit which has become synonymous with the movie.
Since you asked....

The end credits music of Supernatural has a very ominous, unfinished vibe to it. Even if they've 'won' and solved their problem in the episode, it's very clear that they've done very little to fix things big picture, there's still a lot hanging over their heads, and the cost of this victory may come back to haunt them later.

Which of course means, tune in next week!

Just an example I thought I'd share; not something I'd actually use as temp music, I don't think.....

This isn't the only end credits musical sequence they used (the show ran for 15 years), but this is the one I'm thinking of.