The great cavern war Chapter 23 Visions -Macduff-


Virgil had ordered a bunch of wine brought to him when Grievula next came to him. Still no new news was coming about this hunter he was looking for. Virgil was sitting at the table that he built for himself using some old magic tricks and began to write out his spell book. Wizards often did this to help memorize the various incantations. Virgil dismissed Grievula and began to drink and write. After a time, he drizzled off into a deep sleep.

The first dream was of a time when he was happy. Himself two girls and one boy were sitting around a table discussing what came to be known as “the bet.” Trying to impress the girls the lad said “I think I would be able to defeat a dragon if I were a wizard. I would cast many mighty spells and blow the thing right up.” One of the girls giggled and said “Then I guess we will all dine on dragon soup tonight.” Virgil remembered her well. All the boys at the school wanted to get attention from her because she was so beautiful with her long blonde hair. Virgil was quite and ate his dinner while the rest of his school mates cut small insults at each other in a very playful manner. Finally, the other lad who was wearing the red tunic that marked him as an adept red mage, asked Virgil what he would do in such a battle. Virgil was wearing a black tunic with a white stripe going down the middle which marked him as a Black magic Arch mage he was remarkably higher ranked then those eating dinner around him. The other students at various tables stopped eating and talking just to hear what an Arch mage had to say. Virgil took his wrist and began to twist it up and down slightly and then drew a triangle around his wrist with his other hand. “I am working on a spell called the black blade.” If I can gab it into the neck of a dragon it will pump a deadly poison into it kind of like the sting of a bee. Don’t worry about any dragons my younger brother Vegeta." Vegeta always looked up to his older brother with much respect. Virgil made sure he said goodbye to the blonde beauty as the two brothers left the table.

To call the next vision a dream would be a terrible thing. This was no dream it was a nightmare. Virgil was kneeling down he had lost his footing somehow due to the overwhelming presence of this creature before him. It was six feet tall with four wide muscular arms. It had the head of a goat and blue fur covered its whole body. Muscles were bulging everywhere but the worst part was the voice. It sounded like a war drum mixed with the loudest thunder imaginable but more booming and commanding. Virgil seemed so small next to such a creature. He managed to speak out the words “What kind of evil are you?” The answer back came so loud that it felt as if Virgil’s head was going to explode. “EVIL YOU SAY? I AM NOT MALEVOLENT I SIMPLY AM. NOBODY WILL EVER CONTROL THE MIGHTY BELIAS. YOU SHALL PAY FOR YOUR HUBRIS RIGHT NOW!” After saying these words, the arch demon picked up Virgil and tore him in half.
Virgil woke up in a cold sweat. He checked himself to make sure he was in one piece. He ran his fingers over his chest and noticed something quite odd. The mirror that he was wearing had somehow merged with his chest. The reflective part was sticking out and he could touch it but the frames had melted inside of him. He tried to pull it out but blood would come up if he picked at it enough. Apparently the arch demon Belias was now forever part of Virgil. Or perhaps just his mirror was. While pondering what to do and what his dreams might of meant. Grievula entered the room with news about Beowulf.