The Great cavern war chapter 24 ranger lessons - Macduff-


(Far over the misty mountains cold. To dungeons deep and caverns old we must away ere break of day.)

Tulkas was walking down the street with Gaius in New Haven. Tulkas asked Gaius “What is the surface like? Are the mountains still misty and cold? Are the pines still roaring on the height?” Gaius said your questions sound like a poem I read once I forgot how it goes. The surface is wide and fast open area. We mistook the trees for monsters when we first arrived. I wonder what Alexander and Ticius are doing now?” “Priests and mages do not travel very often.” Tulkas said with a smile. “That’s the job of us rangers we are to move silent and unseen. It will be good for me to move my fat butt around again I’m almost as big as a boulder.”
When they got to the surface Tulkas felt wonderful to feel the air again. Otm left some food for them again and Gaius explained to Tulkhas all about Otm and the priest. Tulkhas with a laugh said “All right all right let’s hunt some goblins but first you should be aware of some things. Goblins and Ogres are not a problem but we need to worry more about Orcs, Gremlins and Driads. Stay in the cave for a while and I will have a look around get a fire going.”
Tulkhas went outside and sat and watched the landscape for a while. He smelled the air and then put his head to the ground and heard nothing. After a couple of hours, he was satisfied he went back into the cave and sat down with Gaius and took out some paper and asked Gaius to fill him in on what he knew. Tulkhas would draw a map of the surrounding area while teaching the young Gaius how to survive in the wild. Tulkhas drew the cave and labeled it Cave Emergence. After Gaius described the lake Tulkhas drew that too and labeled it Lake Tonka. We know the north so now we should go south. See if we can find a goblin cave. Show you a thing or two about living on the edge.
They put out the fire and took a hike around the south side of the cave and began to explore a bit. Tulkhas ran up a small hill and gazed southward. For a fat man he moved rather quickly. He stayed up there for a quite a while just looking at what seemed to Gaius random directions. After gaining his knowledge he slipped down the hill and walked with Gaius a little way more south. There was no interesting features just a wide open grassy plain. Tulkhas would stop and sniff the air from time to time. He would also put his head on the ground as if listening for something. Finally, Tulkhas clapped his hand and declared “We are safe for the moment. Look young one what do you see? Gaius look about him and said. “I see nothing.” “You see nothing look about you young one” Tulkhas said in a commanding voice. “There are bushes, whole sticks, broken sticks, small trees, small pools of water, big rocks, small rocks, animal droppings, the sky, the sun, rivers, small insects, bee hives, way off in the distance I see a mountain. You have a lot to learn about being a ranger. Thank God you have me to teach you. Gaius mouth was shut he was amazed at how he never even thought about any of these things.