The Great cavern war part 10 first mission - Macduff-


(we have another lord of the rings reference)

The city of Gilgalid had a sadness about it. The buildings were decorated with a majestic beauty but the citizens had sad faces about them. Kind Dante began to speak and it was all made clear. There was a host of people inside the throne room and Dante came off his throne and hugged his son. Tears began to flow while he held him close. Dante then returned to his throne and spoke to the entire assembly. “My people I will be leaving you soon. My time in this world is growing short. After I am gone Queen Trishia will rule in my stead. There will be a council that will determine the next King. My Son will not rule, rather he will be the head priest. I have a little time left and I will now make my last task be known. Alexander, Gaius and Ticius will go on a journey. We have discovered a way back to the surface. These three will go back to our home on the surface world and spend one night. Myself, Trishia and Virgil were cursed never to return but I’m not sure how this curse effects our children. Before I die I want a report so I can go with some hope. I want all our people to know that I have forgiven Kind Udelif for casting me down here and I hope you all can do the same. These three have brought me a letter saying that the surface is not far from our new outpost New Haven. Go back now to the surface with all haste. You may stay here for the night and become refreshed. Return to me after your mission.” After saying all these words Dante went into the royal bedroom to lie down for a while.

Queen Trishia then spoke saying “Give the letter for Paramaximus to Marion.” Gaius gave her the letter then all of them turned to leave and the queen spoke again. “Marion you stay with me a while I need to talk to you. Marion agreed and everybody left one my one soon they were alone. The queen continued “I know how happened to Virgil I cannot sense him anymore. I also know about that staff you carry. I want you to go see Paramaximus and give her the letter. Do this and return to me. I have a plan to carry out revenge against those bastards on the surface. I think you and me are going to have a lot of fun together.” The two of them began to talk for a while and shared many stories. Marion learned the range ability she was also to learn about a strange power that the queen and king sensed using the range ability many times. This was kept secret from most people in the CDF and was known only to a select few.

Later that night Queen Trisha was awoken by a nightmare. After breathing heavily for some time she found that her husband was still awake reading something. “I cannot believe some of our people are going back to the surface.” She said with anger and frustration. “I wish I was not humiliated on the surface. I wish I had not been cast down here. I wish none of this happened to any of us.” She sat there with tears in her eyes crying her heart out. Dante looked at his wife and hugged her for a long time. After a while he spoke. “So do all who wish to see such times but that is not for them to decide. All we have to do is to decide what to do with the time we are given.”